Coaches React! pt.10 ~ Summer '23

Members find it hard to believe that we can keep coming up with so many different things, but not everyone loves obstacles in their workout.
Mike Confer
September 9, 2023
Coaches React! pt.10 ~ Summer '23

We asked our members what they thought of the gym, and these were their ten most popular responses...

#10 KEEP - "Changing up the workouts. I can't believe that the team can keep coming up with different fun and unique workouts as often as they do."
#10 START OR STOP - "I don't like having obstacles in my workout. The risk to reward ratio is too high. The chance of hurting a shoulder, elbow or knee is too great… especially doing the same obstacle over and over.."
Our Reaction:
We typically try to include 1-2 obstacles in every workout because obstacles are one of our three training pillars. Not only are they fun, but they also help us challenge your grip, dexterity, balance, and agility in ways that traditional exercise can not. That being said, we agree that not every workout needs to have an obstacle in it... so moving forward as we program new training cycles, if it doesn't make since to add an obstacle into a flow - we won't.
We agree that doing high repetitions of the same obstacles can put unnecessary strain on your hands and shoulders, so we're going to make sure you don't see anything like that anymore.
Here's an important piece for all of you though... if something hurts or doesn't feel right, STOP doing it! The coaches would much rather make a small change to your workout today to avoid a serious injury, vs. having to make a bunch of modifications for you tomorrow because you legitimately hurt yourself.

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