Build a career in the Fitness Industry that you’re proud of, passionate about, and serves you! Work less than 35hrs/week and earn $37,500 - $75,000/yr!!

Establishing yourself in the fitness industry is hard… really hard.
Did you know most fit pros don’t last more than two years before switching careers 🀯
You probably got started because you love working out, and quickly found how rewarding it is to inspire others and change lives; but the long and inconsistent hours, low pay, and redundant atmosphere with no clear path towards a sustainable income or future eventually lead to burnout.
Trust us, it happens to even the best coaches 😒
That’s why at MROC Training we’ve created a path for the best coaches to get even better, doing what they love and creating the life they deserve.
We offer a competitive salary, stable hours, and paid time off to A-Players who thrive being on a team where they are respected, supported, and encouraged to grow!


MROC Training is an Obstacle Course Gym for active adults who want to stay fit, crush goals, and have fun.

Unlike crowded boot camps and franchise clubs, our small group classes provide great accountability and are run by experienced coaches who will motivate you through your workout from start to finish. And because nothing is more discouraging than getting hurt, we always ensure you are using the best equipment, obstacles, and techniques to help you reach your specific goals.

Our proprietary 3 pillars functional training system combines obstacles, strength, and conditioning so you never get bored doing the same routine. It’s kind of like (but NOT) CrossFit… it’s fitness for life's adventures!


To deliver extreme client value (experience + relationships + results) that creates raving fans who show up, share their success, refer their friends, and renew their memberships.

Sounds awesome, right? KEEP READING to learn more about available positions and how to apply!



Role Overview

● Execute the owners vision, lead the team forward, and grow the business
● Own sales, marketing, and member support
● Own scheduling and hiring
● Own retail and events

Minimum Requirements

● Kinesiology degree or fitness certification
● 1-year experience applying this knowledge in a relatable way
● Corporate or military background; can apply systems and hit the ground running
● Experience with working in and leading teams


● Takes initiativeIs intuitive and decisiveExcellent communicator who can lead others
● Solves problems and finds ways to make people/systems better
WHY you would want this job

● Autonomy - discipline equals freedom
● Purpose - live a life that serves others

Commitment [avg. 30-35 hrs/wk]‍


Role Overview & Responsibilities

● Own member engagement, conversion, and retention (attendance, churn, etc..)
● Own training, development, and overseeing of our coaching team
● Own program design and execution
● Support with marketing, retail, and events

Minimum Requirements

● Kinesiology degree or fitness certification
● 2-year experience applying this knowledge in a relatable way
● Military or sports background; other experience working on a small team


● Energy, enthusiasm, and empathy
● Open to feedback and able to adapt
● A excellent communicator who can support others

WHY you would want this job

● Respect - work with a team that values and appreciates your contribution
● Purpose - live a life that serves others

Commitment [avg. 25-30 hrs/wk]


Tasks You'll Be Expected To Perform...

● Instruct Kid’s Fitness classes (ages 10-14): Teach kids and young teens how to be strong, confident, and agile, and work together as a team; inspire them to face their fears, try new things, and celebrate each others success; and balance obstacles & exercise to make working out fun.
● Conduct Personal Trainings, Private Lessons, and Fitness Assessments (ages 9 & up): Work with clients 1:1 to help them reach their athletic and fitness goals.
● Course Prep: Setup the gym before your class and sessions start, and prepare the next day's workout before you leave.
● Base shift is Friday (4-7pm) with the option to scale as you take on new clients and/or additional responsibilities


Tasks You'll Be Expected To Perform...

● Assist the Coaching Staff with weekend classes
● Supervise guest activities during Open Gym hours
● Basic cleaning & maintenance of the facility, obstacles, and equipment
● Respond to member communications and provide simple account support


Tasks You'll Be Expected To Perform...

● Perform monthly quality control inspections throughout the facility
● Provide routine preventative maintenance on select equipment & obstacles
● Order parts and schedule service through approved vendors
● Perform basic repairs and painting as needed
● Maintain orderly records of service

*Flexible schedule (these responsibilities only account for 4-6hrs of work per week)


These are the skills you must already have in order to qualify for any of these positions...

● Personality & Etiquette: You will be engaging with our athletes, who are VERY important to us, and prospective members, who are also important. We need you to be attentive and inspiring at all times, and you must know how to conduct yourself professionally (conversing in person and even on the phone). We’ll teach you everything that is expected of you, but we cannot teach you charisma or manners.
● Integrity & Aptitude: You must be trustworthy. We are building a team of people who speak plainly and truthfully, and do not cut corners ethically. We also need teammates who learn quickly and demonstrate the ability to proficiently absorb information.
●Punctuality: We need you to be on time… ALWAYS.


If you have these additional skills, your resume will go right to the top of the stack (but if you don’t have these skills, you should still apply because not all of these are not mandatory)

● Degree in Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology or Nutrition

● Gymnastics, Powerlifting, and/or Kettlebell Specialist

● Certified Spartan SGX/SOS Instructor

● Certified L1 CrossFit Instructor

If any of these positions scream out to you CLICK HERE to apply!

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