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Obstacle Course Training in Oceanside, CA

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Conquering Obstacles

Let our Spartan Obstacle Specialists (SOS™) teach you how to climb a rope, scale a wall, cross the monkey bars, flip a tire, throw a spear, and so much more.

Our Coaches have over 20 years of combined race experience and have helped thousands of racers sign up for their first event with confidence and cross the finish line with a smile.


Running Efficiency

Do you hate running? Do you like it, but only in small doses? Do you love it, but wish you were faster? Do you avoid it because it hurts?

Are you training for a Spartan, Hyrox, or DEKA?

These are just some of the reasons why you NEED to attend this workshop! We are all built to run but very few people ever learn to do it properly, and that is exactly why we designed this course.

Come learn how enjoyable and effortless running can be, and we guarantee you’ll leave with a new appreciation of what you can do on your own two feet :)


Course Format

Each Skills Series is 21 days long. Participants will meet once per week with the option to attend Friday at 7 am or Saturday at 11 am.

These three 55-minute classes will build upon what was taught the previous week. PLUS... registration includes unlimited access to Open Gym ($60 Value). No other membership is required.

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"I took the MROC 28 Day Challenge and got hooked! The classes have a great mix of strength, agility, and obstacles and the members are extremely friendly and welcoming you no matter how new you are to working out."
-Mike G., Oceanside

Trusted and Loved By Hundreds of Oceanside Residents

Conveniently located BEHIND the Trader Joe's in Oceanside!

Just minutes off the I-5 and 78 freeways, proudly serving the North County communities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Vista.

2315 Via Esmarca, Oceanside CA 92054
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