Kendra Koziol

Kendra Koziol


6x Tough Mudder Finisher


Spartan Obstacle Specialist

CPR/First Aid certified

About Coach

Kendra’s love of athletic competition started at a young age beginning with dance, gymnastics, Taekwondo, and figure skating - where she became a USFS Regional and 2x ISI Worlds competitor. The strength, dedication, training, and mental grit it took to become an elite athlete were appealing to her, and by the time she turned 13, she already knew she wanted to be a coach. In college, she obtained her B.A. in Psychology while also taking athletic training, bodybuilding, and first aid classes.

Turning Point

Kendra coached part-time through college and began building a career working with youth sports after graduation. Over the past 20 years, she has become keenly aware of how poor foundational strength and body awareness lead to bad technique, slow progress, and higher rates of injuries This drove her to create a training program focused on building a strong athletic foundation while also being fun!

Motivation & Passion

“My driving force in coaching is getting to see, and celebrate the “lightbulb” moments. I love helping people build strong minds as well as strong bodies. It is so much fun working with athletes who are not only competitive but also encourage and build each other up. ”

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