How much does it cost?

A buyers guide for shopping the Top 12 gyms in Oceanside, CA...
Mike Confer
October 27, 2023
How much does it cost?

Whether you're new to the area or new to working out, there are dozens of ways to stay fit in North County... but if you're looking for group training at one of the Top 12 gyms in Oceanside here are a few things you should know:

1. What type of training is it? ~ if you want to workout with other people you'll probably end up at a CrossFit box, bootcamp studio, or micro gym. All three offer coach lead classes but the style of training (exercise selection and intensity at which they are performed) can be very different. Whereas CrossFit traditionally focuses on olympic weightlifting and gymnastic movements for reps or time, bootcamps like F45, Orange Theory, and Burn are almost exclusively comprised of bodyweight and cardio circuits.
Micro gyms on the other hand are independently owned and operated small fitness businesses that aren't globally affiliated or franchised. This gives them the flexibility to create unique programs specific to their members wants and needs, meaning the program and culture at each micro gym is going to differ greatly depending on the experience of their coaches and the goals of their athletes.
2. Who's writing the programming and coaching the workouts? ~ if you're just looking for a quick sweat and a chance to socialize with your friends, then you're probably not too worried about this one. But if results matter, choose your next gym wisely. Most CrossFit boxes pay for third party programming, and almost all bootcamp workouts are written in a corporate office. This means whoever's choosing your exercise selection knows nothing about you, your facility, or the equipment you have access to. Both of these types of gyms, and most micro gyms, are usually staffed by part-time instructors who only work a few hours per week.
For the best results your workouts should be designed, programmed, and lead by full-time coaches with multiple degrees, certifications, and years of experience.
3. When are they open? ~ if you're like most busy parents and professionals time is probably your most valuable (and least available) asset. You're going to need a program that works with your schedule, so you need to ask... How many total classes do they have per week? How early in the morning do they start? How late do they go into the evening? Are they open on the weekends?
You should also ask if the gym is open (and if anyone is available to help you) in between classes. Most of these gyms will ONLY be open during offered class times, which means getting a workout in by yourself or getting someone to help you with your membership could be near impossible.
4. Where are they located? ~ no matter which gym you choose, the key indicator to success is whether or not you are consistent. This means getting to the gym has to be convenient, so ask... Is it close to my home or my work? Is it easy to get to? Is there plenty of parking? Consider the look, size, and layout of the facility, too. Is it clean and organized?
Your gym has to be somewhere you want to go and spend time at... so make sure you visit in-person and get a good vibe before making a long term commitment.

Group fitness in Oceanside is a great way to build muscle, lose weight, get stronger, and make friends. Most gyms in the area charge between $149-220/month.

At MROC Training our packages start at $75/bi-weekly with discounts available for family, military, and first responders. Shoot us a message or schedule a call to learn more about our 10X challenge and how to earn 2-weeks free!

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