Michelle Pohle

Michelle Pohle

General Manager

3rd Place Spartan Age Group Podium


Spartan Obstacle Specialist

Spartan SGX Coach

HYROX Certified Trainer

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Programming

ACE Personal Trainer

CPR/Basic Life Support

About Coach

Michelle grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has always enjoyed participating in sports - especially swimming and running. She is a passionate athlete and loves trying sports that push her out of her comfort zone. Michelle is also a mom to two children and travels around the United States with her Marine Corps husband. Raising a family has pushed Michelle to try to lead by example and show her kids what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.

Turning Point

As someone who grew up running and swimming, group fitness was never really on Michelle’s radar. Until she lost a bet in 2014 and tried CrossFit for the first time. She participated in CrossFit for many years and found obstacle course racing just before moving to California. Obstacle course racing has allowed Michelle to experience a whole new level of fitness and experiences. Michelle now enjoys training as a strength and endurance athlete. She has always been a little bit crazy, but she prefers to call it “passionate”

Motivation & Passion

“I love helping people realize their power. There is a light that comes on in an athlete’s eyes when they realize they can do hard things. I want to help everyone build a sense of community and confidence, and aim to bring a smile to everyone’s face while lighting a fire within them to live healthier lives.”

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