Coaches React! pt.9 ~ Summer '23

Members love that we believe you can do hard things, but can we get a little more buffer time between the classes?
Mike Confer
September 5, 2023
Coaches React! pt.9 ~ Summer '23

We asked our members what they thought of the gym, and these were their ten most popular responses...

#9 KEEP - "Believing we can do hard things, you guys are amazing!"
#9 START OR STOP - "The super-tight schedule from class to class is impossible to keep well organized and often leads to rushed intro in later classes. I’ve seen lapses in after workout advice or education."
Our Reaction:
Great point! We try our best to stack as much value as possible into every 55 minute session, which means classes sometimes run back-to-back with little time left to connect with a coach. The best way to help us keep classes on schedule is to show up early, check-in, and be on the floor ready to listen when it’s time for class to start (that means no side conversations with your buddy when the coach is talking!).There is a reason our first two gym rules are 1) manage your attendance, and 2) respect your coaches and peers.
That being said, we’ll put some more thought and discussion into changing the class times to create a small buffer and present some options on our next gym survey.
Don't forget, referrals need to be scheduled in advance ;)

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