Coaches React! pt.8 ~ Summer '23

Members love that our program never lets them get bored, but what if you're not recovering and your muscles aren't growing?
Mike Confer
September 1, 2023
Coaches React! pt.8 ~ Summer '23

We asked our members what they thought of the gym, and these were their ten most popular responses...

#8 KEEP - "Everything!!! Keep the runs! Every new programming keeps me on my toes and hasn't lead me to boredom with workouts!"
#8 START OR STOP - "I would love to see focus days: upper body, lower body, etc. since every day tends to be a full body workout I’m skipping days as I am not recovered from the previous, plus it isn’t allowing room for muscle growth between days so not seeing many strength gains."
Our Reaction:
There are countless ways to train and maximize strength gains… upper vs. lower body splits, and push vs. pull days being the most popular. For our athletes and sport, we’ve chosen a program that varies daily in intention, intensity, reps, rest, duration, and exercise selection to minimize overtraining injuries and keep your body adapting.
If you’re constantly sore and your scores are not improving, the issue probably has more to do with recovery than programming… specifically 1) hydration, 2) nutrition, 3) supplementation, and 4) rest. Are you drinking enough water? Supplementing vitamins and electrolytes? Eating a healthy & balanced diet of real food and getting adequate protein from clean sources? Getting at least 7+ hours of quality sleep at night? If you’re doing these things well you should be able to train with us up to 5-6 times a week and your scores will consistently improve. If you need help in any of these areas it might be time to book some 1:1 personal training with a coach!
The other thing to consider is what extra work (if any) you’re doing on your own. If you’re following multiple programs or using online coaches stacked on top of our workouts at the gym then you’ve got too many cooks in the kitchen. Set a goal, pick a coach, and let us (or them) take the wheel.

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