Coaches React! pt.7 ~ Summer '23

Members love how encouraging and supportive the coaches are, but what's up with the late cancel and no show fees?
Mike Confer
August 28, 2023
Coaches React! pt.7 ~ Summer '23

We asked our members what they thought of the gym, and these were their ten most popular responses...

#7 KEEP - "I really like how encouraging and supportive the MROC Coaches are toward all members! Every “welcome to the family” picture, all the “pro tip” videos, run clinics, hosting Deka and special events, weekend runs & hikes, holiday workouts, etc. The positivity the coaches bring to encourage every member, to be the healthiest version of themselves, makes MROC the BEST gym in San Diego!"
#7 START OR STOP - "Either change the time frame for canceling morning classes, don't charge if there is no waitlist and a text is sent, or offer a grace period because emergencies can happen."
Our Reaction:
We require that everyone check-in when they get to the gym so we can track attendance and manage class sizes. We also offer, to your advantage, the option to reserve classes ahead of time to ensure there is an available spot waiting for you when you arrive.
We allow class reservations up to one week in advance and give you the ability to manage your reservations easily through your member app. This has proven to be very helpful for folks who need to plan their schedules several days in advance, or are trying to get into a class that frequently hits max capacity (18).
You can cancel 8hrs before an AM class and 2hrs before a PM class without penalty. If you cancel within the late window there is a $10 fee, and if you ghost your class altogether it’s a $25 fee. We do this 1) to promote accountability, and 2) to make sure everyone who wants to get into a particular class has the opportunity to.
The best way to reserve classes without risk of a late cancellation or no show fee is to not book the session until you are ready to head to the gym. That being said, if you have an emergency we can forgive up to one scheduling fee every 3 months.

MROC Training is the #1 group fitness gym in North County San Diego. We train active adults who want to stay fit, crush goals, and have fun with coach guided classes and full body workouts. Our functional exercise program helps you get ready for life's adventures, and will prepare you for obstacle course race and hybrid fitness events like Spartan, DEKA, and HYROX! We are a veteran owned business that has proudly been serving Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Vista since 2014.

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