Coaches React! pt.5 ~ Summer '23

Members love our community vibe and creative workouts, but when are we going to get our 3D body scanner fixed?
Mike Confer
August 20, 2023
Coaches React! pt.5 ~ Summer '23

We asked our members what they thought of the gym, and these were their ten most popular responses...

#5 KEEP - "The community vibe and motivating, creative workouts are great!"
#5 START OR STOP - "Fix or replace the Naked body scanner."
Our Reaction:
You got us here. We were the first gym in North County to offer 3D body assessments, and this was a great tool for anyone wanting to track their body composition. Unfortunately, our scanner recently broke and the company who makes it is no longer in business to service the parts or repairs we need.
We’d love to continue offering body composition analysis, but cannot afford the cost of a new machine at this time. 
In the meantime, we are working on a perks program to get our members discounts at neighboring health and fitness related businesses, so hopefully we can have an affordable solution for you soon!
If you’re dead set on tracking body comp, let’s get a goal assessment scheduled so you can do some old fashioned tape measurements.

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