Coaches React! pt.2 ~ Summer '23

Members love that we mix it up and keep getting better, but why do we do full body workouts every day and incorporate cleans and snatches?
Mike Confer
August 8, 2023
Coaches React! pt.2 ~ Summer '23

We asked our members what they thought of the gym, and these were their ten most popular responses...

#2 KEEP - "mixing it up and getting better! I love that we see new stuff. Even if it is WAY harder than it used to be and sometimes I read the workout and want to skip. It’s great to push us and challenge us."
#2 START OR STOP - "Repeating full body workouts every day, only focusing on strength for ego. We focus a lot on cleans and snatches which are sexy “I’m strong” movements but don’t feel the programming is actually building strength to perform those movements correctly, even though those moves make up a large part of the programming. They are also moves that are more complicated and easier to break the body down when done in repetition, especially without a foundation laid."
Our Reaction:
We're not sure what “strength for ego” is, but we purposely program and train movements for function, confidence, sport, etc..
We never program cleans more than once per week, and never program dumbbell snatches more than once every two weeks.
We have never programmed barbell snatches for group fitness classes, M-Th (only on a handful Friday strength days).
We program full body workouts so no matter which days of the week or how many times you come, you'll always get a great workout.
Realistically most people can't consistently go to the gym 5-6 days per week to get the full benefit of a body split program… also, we’re not bodybuilders ;)
We ask every new member to complete our Fundamentals curriculum to learn our primary movements (including the clean). If at any point you're not comfortable with (or need more training on) any of the movements regularly performed in the gym we encourage you to do some 1:1 personal training with a coach.

MROC Training is the #1 group fitness gym in North County San Diego. We train active adults who want to stay fit, crush goals, and have fun with coach guided classes and full body workouts. Our functional exercise program helps you get ready for life's adventures, and will prepare you for obstacle course race and hybrid fitness events like Spartan, DEKA, and HYROX! We are a veteran owned business that has proudly been serving Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Vista since 2014.

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